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A native application: maximum mobile capabilities
Budget Home
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Native application: maximum mobile capabilities

We believe in native development. By using development tools, language and (design) standards specifically created for Android and iOS, our developers get the most out of mobile capabilities. That means always the most complete and engaging user experience and optimal performance. And of course, our apps are always the first to have the latest features.

Qualitative user research provides clear insight into customer needs

An optimal user experience first of all required accurate insight into the (information) needs of the various user groups. What information do they want direct access to, and how do they ideally want to interact with it? In five rounds of qualitative research, we refined an initial design into one in which three smart dashboards show the user groups 'energy-only', 'communication-only' and 'all-in-one' all exactly the info they want.

Smartly unlocking complex data streams

To enable the display of the most relevant information, we had to unlock different data streams on the back end, and bring them together in real time. These data streams are generated by different parties, including the grid operator and KPN. To make that possible, we developed an effective API in close cooperation with the client.

The data streams must also be linked to the right user in real time at all times. A complex challenge, when you also consider, for example, that some users share the same address or share different services. Moreover, different types of users provide different types of information when onboarding. Fortunately, our developers regularly work with extremely complex data streams, and brought all the data together seamlessly.

Transparent & interactive provision of information

To present the variety of information available in an accessible way to users, the designers conceived and developed several visual and interactive solutions. These include an attractively designed graph, in which users can visualize very detailed information about their consumption with minimal effort. Freezing cold? Heat wave? Overnight guests? The interactive graph makes all consumption very transparent.

Another interactive feature is the personalized timeline. In it, users can easily find all important communications about purchased services. The smart color coding allows them to see at a glance which messages still require action. Via the large blue action buttons, the user then directly arranges every action still to be performed with just a few clicks: from passing on meter readings to responding to a personalized offer.

Unique: current consumption and budget information

The designers also came up with tantalizing features to optimize app user engagement. For example, thanks in part to a self-developed algorithm, users can see at any time in the app how much money they have saved thanks to Budget Thuis based on their current consumption information. Budget Home is the only provider to offer this unique feature. Besides stimulating, this feature is also very valuable for the user and Budget Thuis, because it can also be the case that the current energy consumption is for example higher than the fixed monthly payment. In that case, the user can set a higher monthly payment with just a few clicks. For this, the app offers a seamless integration with an iDeal payment flow. Thus, the user avoids unwanted surprises at the end of the term, and at the same time the image of Budget Home as a low-cost provider remains intact.

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Effortless cross and upsell opportunities

Budget Home's service package offers numerous opportunities for cross- and upsell. For example, users of the calling services can purchase additional calling credit, and for a small additional cost, use number portability, personalized voicemail or unlimited landline calls. For television viewers, numerous additional channel packages or individual sports matches, among other things, are available. For some extras, the user only needs to turn on a slider ("toggle button"). For other options, a single click again provides access to the seamless iDeal integration.

Chatbot reduces service costs

Budget Home has a relatively large telephone service department to answer the large volume of customer inquiries about its services. Thus, this also results in relatively high operating costs. To minimize these costs, our developers also added a chatbot feature to the app. This allows Budget Home to engage in a 24-hour conversation with its customers, effectively answering the numerous regularly recurring standard questions. In addition to the improved customer experience, this also greatly reduces service costs.

Effective communication strategy

In addition to application development, we also advise and assist in providing new digital solutions with optimal organizational support. Because of Budget Home's multi-faceted services, the communication pressure on customers is relatively high. This can easily lead to app users partially or completely forgoing notifications (or emails).

That means fewer contact moments, declining engagement and, below the line, fewer opportunities to optimize sales. To prevent this, Move previously analyzed the various customer journeys carefully. Based on the resulting customer journeys, our designers worked in close consultation with the client to develop an effective notification strategy. We continuously adjust this on the basis of current data so that the engagement of all customer groups remains optimal.

Continued development based on user data

Currently, the main screen of the Budget Home app shows 3 smart dashboards. These show each of the user groups "energy only," "communication only," and "all-in-one" the most relevant info immediately upon opening. For each individual user, the most relevant dashboard is most prominently displayed. Based on continuous analysis of user data, the app will soon have one universal dashboard where all groups immediately see their most relevant info.

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