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A phone with the EasyConnect app opened on pink silk beddingA phone with the EasyConnect app opened on pink silk bedding


For EasyToys, we developed the EasyConnect app for iOS and Android, which remotely controls smart toys via Bluetooth. An exciting and challenging project, taking not only EasyToys' end users, but also the digital transformation of the brand (and EQOM's other white labels) to a whole new height.

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iOS, Android
Concept, Development, Design, Management, Maintenance, Content, Strategy, Backend, Test Engineering, Technical Discovery

One app, one hand, one goal

The app is specially designed to be used with one hand, and - for those really comfortable with it - even with your eyes closed. Phone in one hand, toy in the other, activate Bluetooth pairing and you're ready to go. Our team made the app as "hand-free" as possible, placing the most important features within thumb's reach. With their free hand, users choose one of nine pre-programmed vibration patterns. In the mood for something different? The Free Touch Canvas lets you create your own patterns by moving the cursor across the canvas. Up and down for louder and softer, left and right for a different interval. Mission accomplished? ;) Then save the pattern under "My highlights" so you can relive it later.

Exciting first times

Creating links between apps, SDKs and Bluetooth devices is something we at Move have had our fingers on for years. Yet despite our experience, two memorable "first times" came around the corner. To enable communication between toy and app, we had to develop our own BLE protocol. This required a lot of direct coordination with EQOM's hardware supplier. They then incorporated the protocol we developed into the chips that go into the toys. Also, our Developers themselves developed an SDK that handles all communication between app and toy. From scratch! This SDK was the starting point for the rest of the codebase, which we then used for Amorelie Play, the app from EasyToys' German sister company AMORELIE. Same principle, totally different jacket.

Long Range Play

The Long Range Play feature allows you to safely transfer control of your toy to someone else temporarily. And when we say Long Range, we really mean Long. The combination of Bluetooth control and real-time network communication (made possible by the HTTP/2 protocol) establishes a global connection in no time for a game of EasyToys multiplayer. From the app, you share a "magic link" that opens the EasyConnect app on the other person's device or points to the Play/App Store if the app has not yet been downloaded. That person then has access to your toy. No onboarding, no hassle. Are you done (with it)? Then pause or stop the session. You can do that at any time. So you are always in charge.

'Move is an incredibly fine partner who monitors the scope with an eye for strategy and feasibility. In addition, working with Bluetooth was completely new for us. It was very nice that Move could pick up the contact with our supplier about the BLE protocol directly.'

Melanie Bos
Head of Brand Design at EQOM

Struggles in the Store 

Getting an app within this industry into the 'Play' Store is - ironically - quite a challenge. Google strictly monitors anything even remotely related to sexuality and erotica. Because of the adult theme, the app was miscategorized several times and we had to remove all links to the website from the app. We also could not insert renders of the toys in the Play Store and Android app and had to resort to abstract drawings.

Kim van der Wijk, Project Lead Brand Design at EQOM: "We value well-informed use of our products in a safe and responsible way. That is why we give our customers tools to ensure that safety, especially in the app. But the taboo on these types of products is still alive. It's ironic when you consider that cell phones are such personal devices. I don't understand why this form of patronizing is still necessary nowadays.

And now?

Despite the above challenges, the app is now live in both Stores. That of course gives room to think about new features, ideas and ways to surprise end users. Whether EasyToys and we are already fantasizing quite a bit about that? You bet. Melanie Bos (Head of Brand Design): 'The app is an enormous enrichment for our customer journey(s), brand experience and customer engagement. Being present on our customers' most personal device brings with it a sea of opportunities to (continue to) distinguish ourselves from our competition.'

Want to know more about this project? Read the interview with Kim van der Wijk or the article "From Tech to Toy," in which our project team talks about their personal highlights.

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