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The Digital 'Orlando Experience'

An experience and service improving app
Orlando International Airport
iOS, Android
Concept, Design, Development, Maintenance
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Thousands of Bluetooth beacons

Whether passengers are looking for their gate or favorite coffee shop, Indoor Wayfinding and Indoor Positioning in the MCO app allow them to easily navigate throughout the airport. They can even see the walking distance of their next destination, resulting in a relaxed and confident stay at the airport. Stressfully searching for directions now belongs to the past.

Implementing these functionalities was a technically challenging. After all, airports are known for their complex structures. Therefore, we first mapped the entire airport from all the parking decks to the gates. This then allowed us to hang thousands of Bluetooth beacons. We did this in such a way that the app can easily determine a user's location in the airport, parking decks and terminals anytime, anywhere.

Automatically save your parking spot

Finding your car in a parking garage or parking lot can be quite a challenge. Especially if you just returned from a long vacation. That's why we implemented a functionality in the app that allows users not to worry about this anymore. The app automatically saves the parking spot location, using the beacons. When passengers land back at MCO Airport after their trip, they receive a notification reminding them where their car is parked. The app also then navigates users back to their car.

Smart contextual messages

Traveling can be quite stressful. So for many passengers a little help is welcome. From that idea came the smart contextual messages. These are messages the app generates based on user location and personal flight information. Say you're at home and your flight leaves in a few hours. The app then reminds you to leave home on time and shows you the quickest route. Once you've arrived at the airport, the app lets you know when it's time to go through customs. These smart messages don't just benefit the app user. The airport benefits as well. Besides the valuable interaction with travelers, the airport can also boost all the facilities it has to offer, such as stores and restaurants.

Improved traveler experience

The MCO Airport app has proven to be a valuable addition to The Orlando Experience. The app helps improve and optimize the traveler experience and service. Together with MCO, we continuously innovate to get the most out of The Orlando Experience.

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