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App as key touchpoint in omnichannel strategy
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Wildkamp app as key touchpoint in omnichannel strategy

Fast delivery

A customer should be able to place an order today, to take the order tomorrow.

Step 1: Taking a pass

Step one was a pass; a strategic and analytical phase to align business demand, user needs and technical opportunities. A product vision for app emerged from this. A vision that matches Wildkamp's sky-high ambition to become an omnichannel partner, and at the same time is concrete enough to proceed to operation.

Product detail page in the Wildkamp app
Scan a product in the Wildkamp app
The shopping cart in the scanning function of the Wildkamp app
Customer pass in the Wildkamp app

Wildkamp always close by

With the new app, Wildkamp is always nearby and customers can view product information and order easily anytime, anywhere. From his pocket, work bus or warehouse. Customers can also scan products in the store with the special scan feature and see personalized prices and product info. And not unimportantly: faster checkout.

Crackling collaboration

Our strategists, designers and developers breathe mobile, focusing on the end user. But no one knows the end user better than the customer. Thus, in agreement with Wildkamp, we drew the conclusion that not so much the product, which from our theory had to be prominent, but the unit in which can be ordered deserves an important place: the number of cans, kilos, meters. In short: sometimes the cooperation is allowed to fizzle out, but this leads to better results.

Dealing smartly with contingencies

In any development process, unforeseen factors can occur that make the process more complex. It is our challenge to deal with these in such a way that they work out in favor of the customer. In the case of Wildkamp, it was a difference in speed between the test and live environments that caused delays. Through better caching and various other shortcuts, we ensured maximum speed, making not only the test environment, but also the live environment significantly faster.

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Dutch Interactive Awards

The jury of the Dutch Interactive Awards said the following about the case: 'This e-commerce app gives business customers of Wildkamp access to the full range of more than 100,000 articles. With the scan function, products can be scanned and ordered from 'the business'. In Wildkamp stores, the scanning feature allows for faster shopping and checkout. The jury thought this was a very good case that was tightly executed. In short, everything was right. A huge step for the company and a big boost for ease of use and customer satisfaction. This is truly an example for B2B e-commerce apps: a case by the book.'

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