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Appdevcon 2022: for and by app developers

This year we are once again sponsoring Appdevcon 2022, the conference for app developers and by app developers.
Tangible impact for every individual who participates in the project, that's what working at an agency is all about as far as I'm concerned. About how to get the most out of projects in terms of scope, user experience, looks and performance. About how you can really make apps shine with the use of specialist developers, such as a motion developer.

Multidisciplinary teams make the biggest impact

Technical Director Ennio explained how smart mobile gateways can ensure that apps can be connected to complex IT landscapes. This way, we don't have to connect the apps we build with the landscape, but with the mobile gateway. Issues that need to be addressed we solve this way in the mobile gateway, so it feels like a new environment to the App.

In addition to Matthijs and Ennio's presentation, a team of colleagues attended other talks. The themes of the talks were diverse and offered different views on a variety of topics. For example, there was talk about a shift from Imperative programming to Declarative programming. The Declarative method describes what the program should do, while the Imperative method describes how the program should execute something. This declarative user interface brings a new perspective of app development, increasing app development productivity with fewer lines of code. A development that our developers are very excited about. We are ready to implement the knowledge gained and are already looking forward to next year's event.

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