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Visit Report: CVG Airport

For the official kickoff of a project for our new client CVG, Mathijs, Alec and Vera traveled to Northern Kentucky.
'It's such a privilege to travel the world and meet our clients face to face. This visit was an invaluable kickstart for the project.' - Mathijs Kraai

Goal 1: Identify desires and interests

During the formal project kick-off, our Move colleagues met with all the stakeholders involved in the new website. In addition to the project's regular contacts, they also spoke with staff from Parking & Concessions, Innovation & Customer Experience, Human Resources, Air Service Development, Information Technology and Procurement. These stakeholders in turn work with business partners, job seekers and the local community. Thus, we learned all about customer needs and interests. Then we outlined an overview of the project and mapped risks with the client. An important part of such project kick-off is the coordination of Move's working methods. And in the case of international clients, the culture and its potential impact on the process are always discussed.

Goal 2: Discover unique challenges and characteristics

Each airport has its own unique challenges. One challenge for CVG Airport is that it is physically located in Northern Kentucky, but the main city it serves - Cincinnati - is just over the state line in Ohio. The site visit helped us understand exactly what this situation means. That's why we now refer only to Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, or CVG, in designs and communications. In addition to unique challenges, each airport has unique characteristics. Natural light is dominant at CVG - something you notice immediately when you're there. Therefore, we implemented a light and bright approach in the visual style. As a result, a visit to the website and airport feels like a holistic user experience.

Goal 3: Develop an information architecture

The trip also included the development of a new information architecture. As a starting point for an interactive session, we hung the old architecture with post-its on the wall. In just an hour and a half, together with the stakeholders, we made choices, removed post-its, added post-its and created the new, lighter and more flexible version. A basis suitable for CVG's further development needs. The personal contact was extremely valuable here, because discussion and fine-tuning was possible directly 'in front of the wall'. Digitally this session would not have had the same effect.

Next steps

It was a fantastic trip full of valuable insights, which have now been incorporated into a final design proposal and sharpened scope we can further hang the project on. Because of the visit, we now also know how the project fits into the bigger picture for CVG as it seeks to embrace innovation and deliver an unforgettably positive customer experience—whether that be in-person or digitally (or both)!

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