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Mobile agencies Move4Mobile and M2mobi continue together under the new name Move

Move is a mobile powerhouse focused on further conquering the international market.
Mobile agencies Move4Mobile and M2mobi continue together under the new name Move
As Holland's largest mobile leading agency, we guarantee the supply of larger teams of experts for now and in the future.

Personalized experiences

Kosse identifies a clear trend where large organizations want to bring together more data streams and content sources on mobile. "For example, in apps for international airports like Hong Kong, Dubai and Dallas Fort Worth, we not only bring together numerous data about flights and bookings, but also, for example, options to make purchases, reserve parking spots or find the check-in desk with the shortest queue. Seamlessly bringing together such a personalized airport experience requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and also creativity. Another example is the my environment of energy apps. With the current developments in the energy market, you see that users want to have insight into their consumption at any time of the day and are no longer willing to do that via web, but demand that this be unlocked via a mobile app."

Domain expertise for creating a complete mobile experience

To create a complete mobile experience, Kosse says domain knowledge is also becoming increasingly important. "You have to really understand your customers' specific challenges for that," he states." That applies both to their business challenges and the needs of the end customer. We do this by deploying our strategists to the customer to make the connection between the business and the solutions to be developed. In this way you take the customer by the hand and work from strategy via concept and design to the best possible solution that knows how to make an impact. Furthermore, domain knowledge is also crucial for bringing together and analyzing large data streams.

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