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Move and EQOM prove perfect match in 'sensational' new collaboration

EQOM - known among others for sub-labels EasyToys from the Netherlands, English Nexus and German Amorelie - has enlisted Move as its digital partner. Read more about this "sensational" partnership here.
Mock-up of phone screen emerging from discreet packaging against a pink background. The phone screen shows Move and EQOM logos.
'Move gets EQOM – our secret project development aligns perfectly with our brand guidelines.’ - Kim van der Wijk

Technical wow factor

Herbert Bosscher, Managing Director at Move, is also pleased that it went from probing to a relationship. 'EQOM's creative way of differentiating itself with products and marketing has generated a lot of exposure in recent years. This has created energy and enthusiasm within our team from the beginning. In addition, the project brings with it a technical wow factor. When I see with how much pleasure and dedication our mobile specialists apply their knowledge to EQOM and how efficiently they work together, it makes me enormously proud.

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