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Jorn Pruntel on ASSET Rail's digital revolution on the tracks

'Being distinctive in this field has more or less become our right to exist. It's great that we've found a loyal partner to help us do that.'
'By daring to pioneer digitally, ASSET Rail has worked towards scalability and a rock-solid market position. I am super proud of Move's role in this and look forward to the further development of our cooperation.'
Robert Kosse, CEO Move

After the malfunctions notification app, Move developed several other digital solutions for ASSET Rail. What effect has that had on your business?

'Everything is conceived and adapted from the craftsman's point of view. We followed the route to get the most out of that, and that resulted in much more scale advantage. In the contracting industry margins are very low, our margins are above average because of this. Simply by focusing on the ideal process for our personnel. The malfunctions notification app was followed by the maintenance app, for example, which can predict when track maintenance is needed based on previous incidents. This saves us scarce hours of skilled workers. The mechanic still has to perform the maintenance himself, but the administration is automated into the chain. Another great example of scalability can be seen in the expansion of contract areas, which we will do again on October 1st, 2023. For this we now only need to plug in digitally, because the new area already 'hangs' in our digital infrastructure. The technicians download an update, tick an extra box and can get to work. So with our digital infrastructure, it doesn't matter whether we have 5 percent or 100 percent market share.'

How has the digital partnership with Move evolved?

'Move has now become one of our most important and loyal partners. It is almost like being a part of the company. The cooperation is based on equality. We have good contact and are there for each other. Move unburdens, thinks with us and gives solicited and unsolicited advice. Also when it comes to the cooperation itself. Going through a digital transition requires a change in working methods. Because at a certain point we were not getting the most out of it, we sat down together and had an honest talk. Move then indicated that our contract-oriented way of working did not fit in with their way of working and that we had to switch to an agile way of working, otherwise we would not progress digitally. That was unusual within ASSET Rail, they were used to working with 'fixed' agreements. Nevertheless, we started doing it and from then on we made a nice transition in the way we work together. If you have a good relationship, you can discuss things like this because you grant each other things.'

What future plans and dreams does ASSET Rail have?

'I think satisfied staff, a satisfied customer and added value for our shareholders are most important. We really do everything we can to make sure people enjoy themselves at ASSET Rail. If the staff enjoy their work, the rest will come naturally. Ultimately it's about people, feeling for your business, understanding your profession and gathering a group of people around you who want to do it. To remain relevant as a company in the future, good staff and further digitalization are of the utmost importance. Move is a reliable partner that will continue to help us with this in the future.'

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