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Pink background with (savings) piggy and a mockup screen of the Brand New Day app.Pink background with (savings) piggy and a mockup screen of the Brand New Day app.

Brand New Day

Save and invest for an extra pension pot with the Brand New Day app.

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iOS & Android
Development, Management, Maintenance & Test Engineering

Wealth management from your pocket

The first version of the app came out in November 2023. In this version, users can view their returns, monitor the value of their account(s) and deposit money via iDeal. For a smooth user experience, we used native screens as much as possible.

Mockup screen returns
Mockup screen returns

Fast and well arranged

Because of the rapidly increasing demand for a Brand New Day mobile app, there was quite a bit of time pressure on this project. Now, speed and security are generally "mutually exclusive" when it comes to app development. Because of Brand New Day's requirements for security, UX design and related performance, we recommended a native app. While these apps often take longer to develop, they are known to deliver better performance and frictionless user experiences. Non-native apps, while cheaper, faster to develop and deployable across multiple platforms, also often suffer from performance limitations and offer fewer options in terms of custom animations and screen transitions.

Mockup screen returns

Design 🩵 Development

Notable are the many advanced designs and animations, reflected in backgrounds and user interactions. Think of different objects that move independently of each other, animations between screens, different dashboard styles and a custom keyboard for iDeal payments. A cool, but labor-intensive job for our developers. Fortunately, they love a challenge.

'Creating and building the Brand New Day app was a great process. We are very pleased with the quality of the work and the collaboration between the passionate and dedicated teams of the three partners.

Arend Jan Velsink
Director of Wealth Building at Brand New Day

Dream Team

We launched the app within the agreed scope of a year. In this, the exceptional collaboration between Brand New Day, Rōnin Amsterdam and Move plays a key role. Bring three top parties with high ambition together and magic happens. Paul Fellinger (CCO at Move) and Arend Jan Velsink (Director wealth accumulation at Brand New Day) both describe the collaboration as 'working together in the Champions League of app development' for good reason. 

Safe login

In addition to being user-friendly, the Brand New Day app is also extremely secure. Existing customers can easily log into the app with their username and password. After the first login, they choose a personal login code. The app also features multi-factor authentication with a biometric login based on facial recognition or a fingerprint.

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Brand New ... Yay!

The Brand New Day app has been super well received by customers. In the first two weeks after its release in November 2023, the app was downloaded over 40,000 times, representing a 30% conversion rate. Last December, the busiest month of the year for Brand New Day, the company recorded nearly 7,000 app sessions per day: over 20% of the total number of sessions via app and web. December 2023 also saw 31% customer growth compared to December 2022, thanks in part to the arrival of the app. We are currently working hard on new features and are looking forward immensely to the continued development of the app and further cooperation with Brand New Day and Rōnin Amsterdam.

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