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How we created more space in a full app

To make room, we opted for a simpler and more flexible navigation of the app: Insight, Advice, Contact and Arrange. Everything you expect from your energy supplier, right where you're looking for it.

New vision for the ENGIE app

Ever since 2016 we have been ENGIE's mobile partner, working with them on the further development of the app. A mature and full-fledged app, but also one that was starting to get pretty crowded due to the expansions in recent years. It was time to go to the drawing board again and develop a new vision for the app together with ENGIE.

After an intensive research process, we translated ENGIE's strategy into an effective app strategy. The crux of the story? Focus besides effective insight also on sustainability and contributing to a better climate. That translated to more focus on evidence and a new screen that revolves around helping customers with their own energy transition.

Smart dashboard provides context in addition to insight

Version 5 contains everything about consumption in one smart screen. Via handy blocks, 'widgets', you are up to date in no time. More user-friendly and convenient than ever.

The app more relevant than ever

Sustainability, rising gas prices and more conscious living are themes that are hugely topical. The ENGIE app cleverly responds to this by providing accessible insight into current and historical energy consumption and smart consumption advice, based entirely on characteristics of the home and personal interests. Thus, each user sees unique advice exactly suited to his or her life. In addition, the app increases customer self-service by making arranging contract matters super easy.

App key player for ENGIE

The app is an important channel for ENGIE to engage customers. The focus on relevant updates ensures high user satisfaction and thus loyalty.

In the coming period, the app will be expanded, with context and consumption remaining key. But the app will also be greatly expanded in the area of sustainability and advice.

Supplier and advisor

Recently, a completely revamped feature in the ENGIE app went live: Advice. In this new screen, we help customers become more sustainable through personal advice. Think of practical tips, small investments, but also major measures. As a user, you can immediately see what the measure will yield in your situation. And are you ready to take the step? Then ENGIE links you to the right installers for insulation or solar panels, for example.

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Rating skyrocketed

The functionalities in version 5 revolve around the everyday use of the app. Partly because of this, users are very satisfied with the current app. The app has risen to an average rating of 4.3, making it one of the best-rated apps in energy land!

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