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The most complete airport app - DFW International AirportThe most complete airport app - DFW International Airport

DFW International Airport

A mobile app that makes traveling to and through DFW Airport as pleasant as possible

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Concept, Design, Development, Maintenance

Digital flight experience

We have been a partner of DFW Airport since 2015. After successfully integrating the DAP, several features have been added over time. Today, the digital flight experience is complete with a new web environment that integrates seamlessly with the DFW Airport app. Both the iOS, Android and web environments are managed in the same CMS system. This makes content easy for the airport to manage and passengers have an uncluttered interface regardless of the device being used.

Your journey begins at home

As soon as the flight is booked, passengers can already view flight status and information. But it doesn't stop there. The app allows users to plan the entire trip from departure to landing. From the moment of booking to arriving at the destination, the platform provides a seamless travel experience.

Reserve and pay for parking

DFW Prepaid Parking in the app allows travelers to reserve and pay for parking spaces prior to their visit. Saving time and money thanks to discounts in the app. After reserving a parking spot, users can use their Toll Tag or digital QR code to drive into DFW Parking.

DFW Airport is the first airport to implement a fully native payment option for its users. Unlike a flow where users are redirected to an external website for payment, users experience a smooth and uninterrupted flow in the DFW Airport app. Safe and efficient. Once passengers have parked their car, they can save the parking spot in the app and continue their way to the security checkpoints.

Optimal travel experience with minimal waiting time

Occasionally, passengers may find themselves unexpectedly stuck in long lines at security checkpoints. Not ideal if you want to get to the gate on time without rushing. However, the fact that your checkpoint is very busy at that time does not necessarily mean anything about the other checkpoints.

For that reason, we developed "live security checkpoint wait times" with DFW Airport. In this way, app users can determine whether the nearest checkpoint is actually the fastest choice. DFW Airport is the first airport with live wait times for all checkpoints and all lanes. Once passengers are past customs, they can fully enjoy everything DFW has to offer, including its many stores and restaurants.

More than 42,000 monthly active users

DFW Airport's website and app have proven to be relevant channels that maximize the interaction between DFW Airport and its passengers. The app has been downloaded more than 871,000 times and is actively used on average by more than 42,000 passengers each month. In addition, the website is visited by more than 395,000 people monthly. We are very proud of the smooth and pleasant cooperation between DFW Airport and Move. Together, we continue to continuously work on further improvements to provide DFW its travelers with the most enjoyable trip possible.

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Waiting times

The latest version of the app includes a prediction of expected wait times at the checkpoint in addition to live wait times. This way, passengers know approximately how long they will have to wait when they get in line. For an optimal travel experience, in addition to the prediction of the expected wait time, we also give you a recommendation of the checkpoint with the least wait time. In doing so, we advise you the best time to arrive at this checkpoint. This way the waiting time will be kept to a minimum and your trip will run as smoothly as possible. This recommendation is available 24 hours in advance. So you can step out the door carefree, to start a relaxing journey to your destination.

Pre-order at your favorite restaurant

Need a bite to eat before departure? With "Mobile Food Ordering" in the DFW Airport app, passengers can pre-order their food and pay directly. Users can choose their favorite meal from a list of restaurants connected to Grab's infrastructure. Once the order is successful, it is just a matter of picking it up at the 'Mobile food ordering' counter. So this way, users no longer have to stand in line at the restaurant and can take the order with them.

Navigation in the airport

Finding your way around an airport of more than 40 square miles can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, passengers can take advantage of indoor wayfinding and positioning in the DFW Airport app. Users easily navigate through the airport using comprehensive turn-by-turn directions.

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