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The Heineken Experience

An interactive tour of the world-famous beer brand's former brewery, focused on increasing interaction and personalization.
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Scroll through history

As visitors walk through the brewery, new "stories" - aka Tall tales - appear in their timeline. Stories that tell a series of highlights from the history of the beer brand through catchy animations. Thanks to twelve beacons in the Heineken Experience, the app only shows stories that are relevant to the visitor's experience at that moment.

Along with the times

The app uses the latest trends in mobile app development. For example, by simply pointing their camera at a Heineken beer mat, users can experience the brewing process in "augmented reality. The combination of a 3D visualization of the brewing process and live camera footage creates the illusion that the beer is being brewed right in front of the user's nose. The stories that a visitor previously saw during the tour now really come to life.

Part of the whole customer journey

Visitors can even continue their experience outside the walls of the brewery. After the interactive tour, the app takes them to the nicest restaurants and Amsterdam pubs where a cold Heineken beer awaits them. In this way, the Heineken Experience manages to connect even more people with the popular beer brand.

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Friend of the brewery

Back in 2013, we collaborated with Heineken Experience on an interactive audio and video tour, available in as many as 9 languages. Over the past six years, we worked continuously on updates to the app. And with success. The Android and iOS app have been downloaded more than 420,000 times and are used by more than 13,000 visitors every month.

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