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The Timing app

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The Timing app

Flex worker central

Not only does the new Timing app look sleeker, it is also completely dedicated to intuitive use. With the app, flex workers can see their schedule, hours, leave and pay at any time. For all doers and go-getters in the Netherlands.

Focus on value for the flex worker

We combined Timing's knowledge and experience with our extensive creative and digital skills. The goal? To completely redevelop the Timing app, focusing on delivering value for the flex worker. Three spearheads in our approach:

  • A crisp product vision and strategy
  • Goodlooking simplicity. Side issues gone, convenience first with unique design
  • Stable and measurable, but adjust where necessary

While talking with flex workers, we all came to the conclusion: work is largely about making money, but it is also about more. Not being treated as a number, but as an individual. Recognition and appreciation. Certainty in work and income. Insight into data that matters within a familiar environment. Based on this specific user knowledge and the insights from the business and market, we developed a rock-solid product vision. A solid conceptual vision of the future as a basis for the development of the app.

Screen 1 from the free questions flow
Screen 2 from the free questions flow, select start and end time
Screen 3 from the free questions flow, summary of your application

Side issues gone and convenience first in unique design

We translated the strategic product vision into an extremely clear design. When you open the app, you are immediately aware of what is relevant: your schedule and leave. It uses large, clickable elements with clear text. This is supported by clear language. Short sentences, all in you form. Flows that explain to you step-by-step what to do.

Arrange within one click

Arranging things is just a click away thanks to bottom navigation. Central to this is do, a striking action button that redirects flex workers to the flows for, for example, entering hours and availability, requesting leave or contacting Timing.This flow has a dark theme and is thus in clear contrast to the rest of the app. Thus, we deliberately differentiate the flows where we ask for user input.

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Stable and measurable

Move has been managing Timing's app since 2017, and it was time for something new; a fast, stable app that is future proof. This time, we put the technology completely in our own hands and started from scratch. Central to this is our own backend, stable middleware that links to various systems. This is where we get everything around payroll, planning and personal data from. With our own API, the Android and iOS apps talk to this backend in a consistent way, and we easily connect other systems. This way, load times are fast, we are independent of the uptime of other systems and we relieve the burden on Timing's servers.

Measurability is super important during development. With Firebase and Google Analytics, we continuously analyze user behavior (anonymously). We also actively conduct A/B tests and stay in dialogue with users to optimize the app. Since the launch in early May, we have already collected a lot of data and within four weeks an update with improvements was live.

In late 2020, a major update to the app went live, specifically targeted at the flex worker starting at a new employer. Timing values high engagement, job satisfaction, productivity and faster integration. Therefore, an onboarding module has been added to the app. The focus, also when developing this component, was entirely on simplicity and user-friendliness; onboarding at Timing is now more accessible than ever. By going through the onboarding in the app, new flex workers are quickly familiar with the working methods and customs of their new employer and can start working quickly and with confidence.

The onboarding is divided into a number of chapters, containing different topics. For each topic, employers have the option to provide information and ask questions to test the flex worker's knowledge level. If the flex worker has successfully completed the onboarding, the information can always be accessed later.The big challenge? Onboarding with a new employer is a one-time event, and you only make a good first impression once. Before going live, the onboarding was tested by fifty flex workers and rated with an 8.

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