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The Budget Thuis app now supports dynamic energy contracts

As one of the first major national players, Budget Thuis offers dynamic energy contracts. In just three months, we prepared the app for a completely new audience.
Green background containing two mock-ups of dynamic energy insights in the Budget Home app
'We are proud of the results we have achieved with Move and continue to work hard to further shape the app for all our energy and telecom products!' - Dionne Versteegt, Head of Digital

New 'mobile-first' proposition in 3 months

Alec Oosterink, project manager at Move: "In three months, Budget Thuis launched a completely new mobile-first proposition. As a strategic partner, Move is involved in the entire process, from MVP to release. Our pragmatic and flexible developers now know the business through and through. This allowed us to develop the new functionalities on short notice. Because of the tight schedule, many Budget Thuis teams and parties worked on the final product at the same time. Continuous coordination was needed so that backend and frontend could be developed at the same time. That made this project super challenging. The new technology now built on the backend will likely become the new standard to which existing backends will be routed. This way, the app is completely up to date and we continue to build for the future with Budget Thuis.

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