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Your personal mindfulness coach I VGZYour personal mindfulness coach I VGZ

VGZ Mindfulness

A free app for anyone who wants to go through life less stressed and more mindful.

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Concept, Design, Development, Maintenance

The Challenge

At the time, we developed the app as a campaign utility: a tool to spread the word that VGZ was the first and only Dutch insurer to reimburse mindfulness treatments.

The app acts as a personal coach, helping users do daily exercises and meditations. Important during development was - and is - that the app can be used anywhere and anytime by anyone. This gives everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with Mindfulness, even if you do not have health insurance with VGZ.


Meanwhile, the app has been downloaded nearly 1,000,000 times, is rated 4+ stars in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and is used by an average of about 75,000 people every month. With this, the app is not only very successful, but has also come of age.

So the challenge now is: How do we keep the app relevant, attractive and can we further optimize the positive impact on users and their perception of the VGZ brand?

The solution

At Move, we are fans of the credos "We are not the user" and "Without data, you are just someone with an opinion." That's why we develop and optimize the app almost entirely based on user feedback and insights from data analysis.

The more than 3,000 ratings and suggestions from users provided a great basis for further development of the app.

Large selection

The current version not only contains a wide range of exercises and programs, users can also easily apply filters when searching and selecting them. How much time do you have for the exercise? In what posture do you want to do the exercise? And the ability to select a female voice has also proven to be an important addition.

The animated lotus - entirely in keeping with the positively rated "watercolor" style - provides users with visual "delighter" insight into their progression.

The latest release

In the most recent update, we again introduced an expanded number of features and content. What does the app offer now?

  • 72 different mindfulness exercises, in both a female and male voice
  • 5 new mindfulness programs for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Mindfulness exercises for kids
  • Exercises for better sleep
  • Download option:
  • download your programs or individual exercises for when you don't have access to the Internet for a while (and save on your data) or stream them directly (and save on your smartphone memory)
  • Background knowledge under 'good to know'
  • Usabilla integration, for even more direct user feedback

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The results

In addition to the positive reviews in the app stores and active use, the effect of mindfulness exercises on our health has also been scientifically proven. Arnold A.P. van Emmerik and Jaap Lancee (professors at the University of Amsterdam) in collaboration with Fieke Berings (former Consultant Zorgvernieuwing at VGZ) have conducted research on the effectiveness of apps within the healthcare domain.

What turns out?

The results of the study are surprisingly positive and demonstrate the effectiveness of apps within the healthcare domain. After an eight-week period, significant increases in various facets of mindfulness were observed, subjects were found to have fewer psychiatric symptoms and even higher scores on the quality of life component. The improvements even continued for a period of at least three months.

Based on the above results, Van Emmerik and Lancee concluded that it is possible to achieve lasting positive effects using a mobile app - and the VGZ Mindfulness coach in particular.

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