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2 app screens of the switch inspection app on black background with sparks.2 app screens of the switch inspection app on black background with sparks.


A digital revolution on the railroad

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Concept, Development, Design, Management, Maintenance, Strategy, Backend, Test Engineering & Technical Discovery

Notifications app

The notifications app is a simple, single-purpose app that automatically unlocks disruption notifications from ProRail systems. The app displays current outages plus running times and sends push notifications. This eliminates the need for phone calls to outage coordinators from ProRail's notification center. The app ensures that necessary information about what is happening on the track reaches engineers much faster and provides 24/7 insight into what is happening on site. 

ASSET Rail app screen notifications app overview page of notification
ASSET Rail app screen notifications app overview pending priors
ASSET Rail app screen notifications app map with pins

A 'cutting-edge' backend

What is remarkable about ASSET Rail's digital infrastructure is its super-tight, smart backend. ASSET Rail is the first subcontractor to have direct links to systems from ProRail and other partners. To make the most of those links, we modified an open source API from CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) such that it forwards data from ASSET Rail apps to EAM platform Hexagon, which is linked to ProRail systems. In Hexagon, all of ASSET Rail's work orders and objects are stored and maintenance schedules are created. These are then visible in the app, where the engineer can enter data that is fed back directly to ProRail.

ASSET Rail app screen switch inspection app Inspection and Maintenance AHOB
ASSET Rail app screen switch inspection app Login
ASSET Rail app screen switch inspection app overview work orders

Maintenance app

The maintenance app focuses on maintenance work and inspection of signals, level crossings, switches, etc. The app can predict when maintenance is needed, thus saving ASSET Rail scarce hours of skilled workers. Engineers can enter measured values and maintenance data in the app. The app processes work orders, measured values and other data directly and digitally. The "smart walking routes" feature gives mechanics instant and accurate insight into the work location. This greatly increases efficiency, as does the digitization of mandatory safety instructions. This functionality ensures that ProRail's regulations are automatically generated and applied in varying concession areas. The result is a demonstrably safe prepared track. In addition, engineers are better facilitated in their work. And dragging along piles of paper? That's a thing of the past!

'With our current technical infrastructure, we are much better able to inform ProRail about where we are, what still needs to be done and potential risks. Move's mobile customization has given us insight and overview. And with that, a satisfied customer.'

Mart Folkerts
Head of Asset Management at ASSET Rail

Demonstrably Safe Rideability 

ProRail is committed to maximum safety on the tracks and takes all necessary measures to control risks. The Demonstrably Safe Circulation (AVB) program is designed to identify short-term risks and make long-term structural improvements, with a special focus on track and points. This program works closely with ProRail's Performance Based Maintenance (PBM) program. In fact, the improvements developed within the AVB program often lead to adjustments in work processes and contracts with maintenance contractors.

To achieve improvements, formats, regulations, tools and dashboards are being adapted in consultation with users. New data sources are also being made available, processes are being optimized and implemented, and cooperation with PBM contract contractors is being improved. The custom solution we developed for ASSET Rail resulted in a major digital edge over competitors. This allows the company to make an active and valuable contribution to ProRail's programs.

'By applying these apps, ASSET Rail cleverly connects the digital infrastructure with the infrastructure outside, without losing sight of the fact that the focus is on the mechanics. This development offers opportunities to further professionalize the exchange of maintenance data with ProRail, leading to more uniformity and quality and thus better demonstrability of safe drivability.'

Jolanda van de Craats
Program manager of Demonstrably Safe Driving at ProRail

On the right track

Robert Kosse (CEO Move): 'By (daring to) pioneer digitally, ASSET Rail has worked towards scalability and a rock-solid market position. I am super proud of Move's role in this and look forward to the further development of our cooperation.' 

Want to know more about the partnership between ASSET Rail and Move? Read the interview with general manager Jorn Pruntel here.

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